Performance Services is comprised of experienced problem solvers who all play an integral role in many of Duke Health’s strategic and operational initiatives.  We support multiple Duke Health entities and our front line staff work closely with decision makers and senior leaders.

Improve   processes and performance

Picture of Matt

Matt H.


One project we focused on was reducing length of stay in the Emergency Department. We worked with a team to redesign how we assigned patients to an inpatient bed, reducing the amount of time these patients spent in the ED.

Turn data into knowledge

Picture of Emily

Emily B.

Health Systems Engineer

Partnering with Neurology department leadership, we developed a multi-variable point system that could predict the probability that a patient would fail to arrive for their appointment. These “no-show” appointments result in wasted time and resources for the providers and staff, lost potential revenue, and longer lead times for patient access. The tool was utilized by the clinic leadership to support decision making as well as provide deeper insight into how we can better care for our patients and their loved ones.

Invest in the success of our customers

Picture of adam

Adam G.

Team Lead

Providers and financial care coordinators started collaborating face to face to reduce written-off medical claims. We began to better understand each other’s roles and ideas. New connections reduced waste and saved money for patients and our hospitals.

Performance Services Functional Support Teams

  • Ambulatory Operations
  • Analytics and Business Intelligence
  • Care Redesign
  • Clinical and Operational Benchmarking
  • Clinical Quality
  • Clinical Service Unit (Service Line) Support
  • Hospital Operations
  • Patient Experience
  • Project Management
  • Workforce Management